Credit Pricing

Credit Pricing
  • Prepaid method of acquiring resources
  • Range of payment methods: Credit Payment

Contract Pricing

Contract Pricing
  • Contract - based use of our Virtual Private Cloud
  • dedicated servers, network isolation and other services

Pricing comparison in terms of services

■  included
□  optional



Pre-defined instances  
User-defined instances  
Configurable data volumes □ 
Unlimited number of instances □ 
Hardware isolation of network  
Configurable logical networks  
Dedicated physical servers  
Public API endpoints
Reserved instances  
SPLA OS licences included Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012
Pay as you go
Pay for reserved capacity  
IPsec VPN  
Hard drive encryption
Credit system Pay before the usage  
Invoice billing Pay after the usage  
Support included  
Minimum monthly Fee €0 €2900