Cloud servers on demand, S3 compatible cloud storage Competitive pricing, unlimited scaling, no lock-ins
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Multiple Operating Systems

Cloud Operating Systems

Powered by OpenStack™

Built on the OpenStack™, the fast developing open source cloud platform. With significant support of big hardware and software vendors the OpenStack™ is becoming the cloud platform of the future.

Fast Connectivity

Top quality connectivity to every part of the world. By using multiple connectivity providers, minimum latency is achieved. If you need to setup specific rules on our edge firewalls, please let us know.

Outstanding Performance

Eight-core Intel E5 series processors with dedicated ECC RAM from Fujitsu offer higher performance than most other providers. 

Advanced Features

Configurable Firewall, Snapshots of running servers, OpenStack API, Amazon API, S3 compatible object storage and more...

Competitive Pricing

We offer one of the most competitive pricing on the market. Our pricing starts at € $0.022/hour and you are billed on net time basis. You can launch cloud servers immediately after sign up and buying credit.

You can launch and terminate cloud servers while paying exactly for the time consumed. We provide 64-bit virtual servers.

Multiple Payment Options

Payment for cloud